MR Gnome Mom


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Mythical Realms Collection

Shorter than dwarves, but just as stocky, Gnomes live either underground or in gardens, where they search for treasure, practice their magic, and occasionally cause mischief for the big people. Gnome Moms are generous and kind, not as interested in treasure, but always ready for a practical joke.

  • Characteristics: Tiny, round, and alternately mischievous or jolly, this gnome mom loves the outdoors, where she lives, works, and plays. She is fun loving just like her bearded husband, but even more wily.
  • Size and Color: A greyish purple dress and red cap adds cheer to this gnome mom. The colors also help her blend with her forest and garden surroundings. She stands 2 ½ inches high, similar to a medium apple.
  • The Gnome Mom is part of the Mythical Realms® collection
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