MC Nether Portal

License 2 Play

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 ***This item is ASSORTED. Pack picked at Random.***Work your way through the Nether Portal and enter the underworld of Minecraft. Discover all-new characters, mini mobs, and treasure as you take on 15 levels of adventure. Breakthrough the wax block with your Sword. There are so many things to do and see in your search for the real gold-dipped treasure. Mine your way through the Nether Portal to discover your hidden treasure and all the parts you need to craft your character and the mini mob. Craft your characters using the NEW Aqua Stick Hearts for no-mess, instant crafting. Discover one of three Character Pairs in each pack. Mine for Zombie Piglin with Baby Hoglin, Shivering Strider with Baby Strider, and Wither Skeleton with Magma Cube. Your characters will bond together in 5 minutes simply by using the Aqua Stick and water! Each craft character has a treasure chest to discover. Look out for the rare Nether Star treasure! Or will you find the "Totem Of Undying" - a REAL GOLD-dipped treasure!

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