MAR S Wolf Husky 4LEG ast


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Marionette Collection

Price is for one piece. Assorted colors available.  Please call the store prior to ordering online for current availability. Thanks!

Tips from The Zoo Crew:
Our #1 guarantee is that your marionette will get tangled. 3 Pointers to keep in mind:
#1 - Teach kids about gravity. Hold it by the top wood bars rather than the body (which dangles underneath).
#2 - When your marionette becomes tangled, you can take the string out of the wood bars to help untangle the strings. They are either held in by a bead or a knot (depending on style).
#3 – If for some reason your marionette looks a little wonky, the pom poms that form the body are slidable along his string skeleton. It’s just a very simple, old-fashioned toy.

We really love these little marionettes and know you will too! I hope that you get a great show when your child uses his or her creativity and imagination!

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