FARM BOX Chicken Friends


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Farm Animal Collection

  • EDUCATIONAL EXCITEMENT FROM THE HEARTLAND - Discover the authentic and detailed fluffy Silkie chicken and the goofy-haired Polish chickens in this realistic toy set, perfect for animal-loving toddlers.
  • BUILDING MEMORIES WITH LIFE ON THE FARM - Made with high quality super durable materials, these tough toy chickens are built to withstand both farm life and the adventurous playtime of a child's toybox.
  • HOURS OF IMAGINATION AND ENTERTAINMENT FOR KIDS - Schleich toy chickens aren't just toys, they're characters in a child's unfolding story, making them great for sparking imagination.
  • GENERATIONS OF IMAGINATION FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES - Long-lasting, super durable and highly detailed toys from Schleich are the perfect way to ignite your child's imagination and fun. With a huge catalog of fairies, monsters, characters, dinosaurs and animals across a variety of playsets and figurines, you can be sure that your child will experience all the magic and wonder of childhood while making memories for years to come.
  • WHERE STORIES BEGIN - Our characters come in a million gazillion shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether they have two legs, four legs, or no legs, they have one thing in common – every toy in our collection is authentic, detailed and high quality.

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