DINO Parasaurolophus


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Dinosaur Collection

  • AUTHENTIC DETAIL. Measuring just over 9.5” long, the toy Parasaurolophus from Schleich Dinosaurs is a model of Cretaceous credibility – with its iconic cranial crest and scaly skin, you’ll think you’re holding the real thing
  • DURABLE QUALITY. Just like the Parasaurolophus millions of years ago, this one is built for survival…rough-‘n’-tumble toddlers are no match for this hard-headed toughie
  • SPARKS OF STORYTELLING. Enjoys frequent trips to the salad bar and discussing plans for the upcoming Ice Age while sipping fruit smoothies at the pool
  • LIMITLESS PLAY. In a child’s hand, a Parasaurolophus toy is a character in a story with no scripts, no rules, and no limitations. Just 100% pure imagination.
  • GREAT FOR GIFT-GIVING. This reptilian roamer is known to wander into the backpacks of kids ages 4 and up. Makes a perfect gift for dinosaur lovers!

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