BAB BOOK Babar's Guide to Paris


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Babar Collection

Author Laurent DeBrunhoff

Babar’s Guide to Paris is a must-have picture book for fans of Babar, as well as for anyone planning a family trip to Paris.

Babar the elephant, one of the most beloved and classic characters in children’s literature, showcases his favorites in this memorable trip to Paris. Laurent de Brunhoff’s Paris is filled with charming elephants on every page as they enjoy all the sights and sounds of the City of Lights.

When Babar’s youngest daughter, Isabelle, heads to Paris on her own for the first time, he tells her how to enjoy the iconic city to the fullest. An expert Francophile, Babar recommends food, including cafes, street markets, and brassieres; he also offers the best sightseeing tips, especially observing the Eiffel Tower from every angle, walking along the banks of the Seine, visiting the Louvre and Orangerie museums, and exploring the Luxembourg Gardens.

There’s even a postcard-perfect opening scene that features the Babar family visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral. Babar shares why an elephant may be surprised by the size of an elevator, how to take the metro, how to find a restaurant to call your own, and to walk—walk as much as possible to see everything that Paris has to offer. In the end, Isabelle is encouraged to enjoy her travels, but she is also lovingly reminded to always come home to Celesteville and her family.

Readers will be eager to journey to Paris with Babar.

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