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Bluey Collection

Tiny Sets, Big Adventures – Bluey™ Mini Playsets Spark Endless Fun!

Introducing the Bluey Mini Playset Assortment from Series 10 - two playsets, the Ice Cream Shop and the Farmers Market, each come with a 2.5-inch articulated figure of either Bluey or Bingo, complemented by four playful accessories and a sticker sheet. Specially designed for toddlers, these sets encourage creative play, allowing kids to recreate their favorite Bluey moments. Presented in an open box, each playset is perfect for hands-on interaction and easy for children to explore. 

Key Features:

  • TWO THEMED PLAYSETS: Choose from the Ice Cream Shop and Farmers Market, each with unique accessories.
  • ARTICULATED FIGURES: Includes a 2.5" Bluey or Bingo figure with moving parts for lifelike play.
  • PERFECT FOR PRESCHOOLERS: The figures and accessories are designed for preschool hands, ensuring easy handling and play.
  • COMPLETE SET: Each playset has one figure, four accessories, a playset, and a sticker sheet for full imaginative play.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Made with high-quality materials, ensuring safety and durability for everyday play.
  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY: Ideal for developing fine motor skills and enhancing imaginative storytelling.

The Bluey™ Mini Playset Assortment Series 10 is a fantastic addition to any retail store looking to cater to young families and fans of the beloved Bluey series. These playsets offer a world of fun, encouraging children to bring their favorite Bluey episodes to life. Stock up on these adorable mini playsets and watch as they become a cherished part of children's playtime, offering hours of imaginative fun.


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