Rat | Ralph 9" | Pets

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Rat lovers rejoice, Ralph the Rat stuffed animal is a fun way to show your enthusiasm for these charismatic little critters! His lifelike proportions and size will endear him to fans. Crafted in cuddly plush fur and stuffed with resilient polyester fill, Ralph is ready for a lifetime of affection. Small, dark eyes and the pink accents of his paws, nose, ears, and tail add to his realistic appearance. Ralph’s small size makes him ideal as a tag-along friend who’ll be happy hanging out in a pocket or bag. If you’re looking for a pet who won’t need to have his cage cleaned and won’t chew any of your wires, it doesn’t get much better than Ralph, our cuddly plush Rat! Additional information Weight0.8 oz Dimensions9 × 4 × 3.5 in Age 24 Months & Up SIZE (IN) 9" Long SIZE (CM) (23 cm) WASHING MACHINE