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Despite its name, the muskox is more closely related to the goat family than to oxen. These shaggy beasts move through the Arctic wilderness in herds of about 20 individuals. If one animal is injured, the herd will form a protective circle around it with their horns facing outward.

  • Scientific Name: Ovibos moschatus
  • Characteristics: This muskox is galloping along, with his shaggy fur flowing in the cold winter wind. This hand-painted figure features all the accurate details of these unusual creatures, from their curved horns to their long outer coat of “guard hairs” that gives the impression that the muskox is much larger than it actually is.
  • Size and Color: The muskox figure is 4 ¾ inches long and almost 3 inches tall, or about the size of a small index card. Its fur is lighter brown on its back and shoulder hump, with much darker shades on its sides and head. Its legs are light brown, and its hooves are black. The horns are light brown with black tips, and the area around its black nose and mouth is white.  
  • The Muskox is part of the Wild Safari® North American Wildlife collection
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