Rabbit | Mocha Bunny | Taylor 12" | Farm

Douglas Company

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Taylor, our large Mocha Bunny stuffed animal knows that spring is here and she’s ready to hop to it! With the warmer weather and all the beautiful blooms, there’s so much to see and do! Taylor is covered from head to foot in ultra soft plush fur that features dark roots and pale colored tips for a realistic, multi-colored appearance. And for a cuddly quality that’s sure to bounce back, we’ve selected silky polyester fill with a resilient springiness. With a twitch of her small, pink nose and a glance of her bright, shining eyes, Taylor’s expression seems to beg for you to come out and play. Make this cuddly plush Mocha Bunny your own and join her on all her springtime adventures! Additional information Age 24 Months & Up SIZE (CM) (28 cm) SIZE (IN) 11" Long Stuffed Toy Size Medium WASHING MACHINE