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The curious Pangolins are the only mammals which feature armor-like scales made of keratin covering their body. They eat mostly insects and, when faced with danger, will curl into a ball to protect their sensitive underbelly. There are eight species of Pangolins found in Africa and Asia. Scientific Name: Order Pholidota, Family Manidae Characteristics: With their long noses, long tails and sharp claws, Pangolins resemble Anteaters wearing a suit of armor. This inquisitive Pangolin figure is crouching on its hind legs and is full of scientically accurate details, particularly in its iconic overlapping scales. Size and Color: This figure measures just about 7 inches long and just under 3 inches tall, about the size of a standard pair of scissors. Its scales are dark brown and its exposed head and underbelly is a lighter tan color, with a dark brown wash to bring out additional details. The Pangolin is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free