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Found in the eastern United States, the eastern chipmunk is the only living member of the Tamias genus. It can commonly be found in wooded and urban areas throughout its endemic range, specifically in areas with brush, shrubs, or rocky outcrops.

  • Scientific Name: Tamias striatus
  • Characteristics: As cute as they look, chipmunks do not make good pets and are prone to biting as a defense mechanism. Observe and snuggle up to our adorable hand painted and life-like figurine instead!
  • Size and Color: Standing 3.5 inches tall and 7 inches long, this model is as tall as a deck of cards and a bit longer than a dollar bill. Chipmunks can easily be identified by their small size, as well as their reddish-brown fur, white bellies, and black and white stripes along their backs and eyes.
  • The Eastern Chipmunk is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection.
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