Elephant | Maude 9" | Wild

Douglas Company

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People say elephants are tough skinned but Maude our cuddly plush elephant isn’t anything but sensitive and sweet! Her cuddly body has been crafted with ultra soft grey plush fur and we’ve stuffed her with the finest polyester fill for the most snuggly of hugs. Maude’s warm, amber colored eyes give her a gentle expression and she raises her trunk up high in a gesture of goodwill. Her realistic design includes an elephant’s signature large ears, a tuft of dark fur at the end of her tail, and two white tusks. This playful pachyderm’s engaging stand up pose makes her an ideal companion on imaginative adventures and her small size means she’s just right for on-the-go fun. Bring Maude the charming elephant stuffed animal home today! Additional information Weight3.9 oz Dimensions9 × 7 × 3 in Age 24 Months & Up SIZE (CM) (23 cm) SIZE (IN) 9" Long Stuffed Toy Size Medium WASHING MACHINE