Artic Fox | Yuki 14" | Wild

Douglas Company

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Every autumn a magical transformation occurs, and the coats of Arctic Foxes turn from brown to snowy white! Yuki, our beautiful plush Arctic Fox is depicted with an ultra soft, white winter coat and features a fun floppy body style. His bright, amber colored eyes give him an animated appearance while airbrushed details around his ears make him even more lifelike. At 14” in length, Yuki makes an endearing companion and is just the right size to flop over your shoulder or stretch out in your lap. From his bushy tail to his black flocked nose, this little white fox stuffed animal is loaded with charm. And with how soft and cuddly he is, we’re sure you’ll want to make him your own! Additional information Weight7.1 oz Dimensions11 × 7 × 5 in Age 24 Months & Up SIZE (IN) 14" Long With Tail SIZE (CM) (36 cm) Stuffed Toy Size Medium WASHING SURFACE SKU: 1727