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Also known as the cougar, mountain lion, and catamount, the puma is a large cat found in South America, Central America, and North America. Despite their size, pumas are more closely related to small feline species rather than tigers, lions, jaguars, and so on.

  • Scientific Name: Puma concolor
  • Characteristics: The second largest feline species found in the Americas, the puma has no known natural predator and will eat anything from deer and livestock to mice and insects! With that in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this beautifully hand painted puma well fed!
  • Size and Color: Although their coats aren’t spotted or stripes like other large cats, pumas are still easily identifiable due to their simple yet striking tawny-brown coat. Standing 4.75 inches tall and 10.5 inches long, this model is as tall as a soda can and just an inch and a half shorter than a ruler.
  • The Puma Concolor is part of the Wonderful Wildlife collection.
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