Squishmallows | Squishville | 4 Pack | Blind Box


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Squishville Mini Plush 4 Pack Assortment Call your squad and get ready to squish with the Squishville plush world Mini Squishmallow® 4-Pack Assortment. This adorably squishy 4-pack assortment features your favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size. Bring the Caticorn, Farm, and Fantasy squads to your collection. There are 2 mystery Mini-Squishmallows plush characters in every 4-pack, so you’ll never know who you’ll find. The plush Squishville toy world is made with super-soft filling making Mini-Squishmallows plush characters the ultimate squish-panions. Includes 4 x Mini-Squishmallow® Squad Plush. Suitable for all ages. ASSORTMENT RANDOM. PLEASE EMAIL ANY PREFERENCES. THANKS