Smiski | Blind Box | Yoga

Dreams USA

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A new Smiski has been discovered to challenge various yoga poses! Same glow in the dark figures delivered in a blind box. The poses in this series will make you smile and their mere presence will transform your room into a healing space. The blind box poses include, Smiski Lotus, who meditates with closed eyes; Smiski Spinal Twist, who's sole purpose is to cure the distortion of the body; Smiski Tree, who's pose is supported by a small Smiski; Smiski Triangle; Smiski Boat and Smiski Shoulder Stand. There are six different poses in total + 1 secret Smiski to look out for! Smiski come packaged in random blind boxes, so you won't know which one you will get until you open the box!