Orca Killer Whale | Spout 13" | Sealife

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With a flash of his striking black and white patterning, Spout the plush Orca Whale stuffed animal chases a school of fish through the water. This fierce ocean hunter is known for its ability to work together with its family to capture prey. Our plush version of this celebrated marine mammal captures the distinct markings of the species in soft materials that beg to be cuddled. To guarantee a lifetime of cuddly fun, we’ve stuffed Spout with only the highest quality polyester fill that will bounce back again and again. Net this handsome plush Killer Whale for your own and Spout will share with you the wonders of his vast ocean home! Additional information Weight4.4 oz Dimensions12 × 5 × 5 in Age 24 Months & Up SIZE (IN) 13" Long SIZE (CM) (33 cm) Stuffed Toy Size Small WASHING MACHINE SKU: 3738