Monk Seal | Speckles 12" | Sealife

Douglas Company

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Come out for a swim and explore the wonders of the ocean with Speckles our playful seal stuffed animal! Crafted with beautiful, silvery plush fur, he’s as realistic as he is soft! Lifelike, dark eyes give Speckles a sweet-faced expression and his little black nose has been flocked to give it a fuzzy texture. Additional features include fine black whiskers on each side of his snout and stitched details on his flippers and tail. Cuddly interior polyester fill will hold up to hours of play and make believe adventures. A perfect blend of realism and fun, Speckles the plush seal pup is a great way to foster a love and appreciation for our natural world! Additional information Weight8.3 oz Dimensions13 × 5 × 6 in Age 24 Months & Up SIZE (IN) 12" Long SIZE (CM) (31 cm) Stuffed Toy Size Medium WASHING SURFACE