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  • Found throughout the Caribbean and off the coast of Florida, the reef squid a relatively small squid with unique undulating fins that make up a large portion of its body. The reef squid can actually use its fins to propel itself out of the water and fly a short distance!
  • Scientific Name: Sepioteuthis sepioidea
  • Characteristics: This reef squid is preparing for some aerial acrobatics once it launches itself out of the ocean! Hand painted for precise biological accuracy, this figurine is fantastic as a learning aid, a toy for fun play, as a gift, or even as a piece of décor for a house close to the water!
  • Size and Color: 8.25 inches long and 3.25 inches wide, this reef squid is roughly an inch longer than a 16 oz. water bottle and as wide as a deck of cards is tall. These squids are masters of camouflage and can display many different colors, including orange, blue, brown, black, yellow, pink, and tan; they change colors to blend into their environment, usually when hiding from predators or when hunting prey.
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