Rescue Dogs w/ Sound 5.5"

Wild Republic

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For the most realistic plush dogs on the market, look no further than these Rescue Dogs with Sound. By using sublimation printed fabrics, even the smallest detail of the dog breed is captured. Not only are they adorable and realistic, but they also have a sound chip that, when activated, barks the real bark of that dog breed. And just when you didn’t think this line could get any better, it does.
Category Description for Rescue Dogs With Sound
These realistic-looking plush dogs provide the perfect cuddle toy for children. There is a wide selection to choose from, with each dog featuring its own bark that is specific to its breed. These dogs measure around 5.5” in size so they are easy for children to handle and take with them wherever they go. More than just your average stuffed animal, the rescue dogs provide an aspect of realism that kids will love and adore. 

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