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Human-animal hybrids abound in mythology, but the Mermaid is one of the best known and surely the most beloved. Although mermaid tales have been told by sailors of all cultures for thousands of years, the creature pictured here represents a more recent interpretation.

  • Scientific Name: Syreni
  • Characteristics: Perhaps this figure is perched on an atoll amid a deep blue sea, awaiting a passing ship. Her angelic face and wild hair are sure to attract the attention of lonely sailors.
  • Size and Color: This eye-catching mermaid figure contrasts aqua blue with gold decorations and whitish-pink seashells. With her fish tail wrapped around behind her, the mermaid is 3 ¾ inches tall, a little taller than a deck of cards.
  • The Mermaid is part of the Mythical Realms® collection.
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