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A member of the weasel family, ferrets are domesticated mammals that are commonly owned as pets all around the world. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why ferrets were domesticated, but there’s strong evidence that they were tamed over 2,500 years ago.


  • Scientific Name: Mustela putorius furo
  • Characteristics: Because they are a member of the weasel family, some cultures use domesticated ferrets as hunting companions. Beautifully crafted and hand painted, this figurine is exceptional as a teaching aid, a toy for imaginative play, or even as an addition to a nature diorama.
  • Size and Color: Standing 2.75 inches tall and 6 inches long, this figurine is roughly the size of a dollar bill stood on its side. Ferrets can come in many different colors, and this one is mainly dark brown and grayish-white.
  • The Ferret is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection
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