Incredible Creatures | Blue Spotted Ray

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Also known as the bluespotted maskray and the Kuhl’s stingray, the bluespotted ray can be found off the coast of Australia, Madagascar, Africa, and Asia. As their name suggests, they can be identified by the blue spots across their backs.

  • Scientific Name: Neotrygon kuhlii
  • Characteristics: More than just a simple coloration, the bluespotted ray’s unique physical appearance serves as a warning for the venomous spines on its tail. The venomous barbs usually remain hidden unless the ray intends to use them, but with careful observation of this hand painted figurine you just might spot them!
  • Size and Color: The bluespotted ray has a predominantly grayish-tan body, similar to most rays, although they are notable for the blue spots along their back. 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, this model is about as wide as a deck of cards and a little longer than a dollar bill.
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