Hammie Hamster SOFTS 8"

Douglas Company

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Softs Collection

The plush in our Soft collection feature sweet animal designs in the softest fabrics. Perfectly sized for squeezing and cuddling!

Sized larger than life, Hammie the Soft Hamster stuffed animal will bring delight to fans of these captivating little pets! White and tan plush materials depict the familiar markings of the beloved Golden Hamster breed, while Hammie’s large, dark eyes will steal away with your heart. His lifelike design features an engaging, upright pose with adorable, pink hands and feet. Stitched details create his nose and mouth, while velvety soft ears complete his realistic appearance. A must for Hamster lovers, Hammie is a playful way to show your affection for these lovable little critters and, aside from an occasional cuddle, he requires next to no maintenance!

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