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Deinonychus was a larger relative of Velociraptor. Like its smaller cousin, it had an extra large claw on each foot that helped it subdue its prey. It was also very likely covered in feathers, since this was a common feature found in other members of its family.

  • Scientific Name: Deinonychus (“Terrible Claw”)
  • Characteristics: This Deinonychus figure is covered in feathers, as fossil evidence of other Dromaeosaurid dinosaurs shows. This Deinonychus is at rest, having a look around, with its wings folded neatly by its side and the large, sickle-shaped claws on each foot on full display.
  • Size and Color: Our Deinonychus figure is 8 ¾ inches long and 3 ½ inches tall from its toes to its nose. It’s about the size of a pair of scissors. This Deinonychus features dark brown, reddish brown, black and white plumage (feathers), with red eyes, sandy yellow skin on the feet and nose, and black claws.
  • The Deinonychus is part of the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection
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