Insects | Cuddlekins | Scorpion 12”

Wild Republic

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  • Naturally nocturnal, this stuffed animal scorpion by Wild Republic is the perfect cuddly bedtime companion.
  • In the wild, scorpions can grow up to 9 inches long, but this plush toy measures up at a larger-than-life 12 inches.
  • A close relative of the spider, this sand-colored, surface-washable plush toy has 8 hairy legs, 2 front pinchers, and a curled, stinger-tipped tail.
  • This realistic stuffed animal looks just like the real deal, from its claw-like mouth protrusions to its segmented tail to its shiny black eyes.
  • Any kid, teen, or adult will soon develop a soft spot for the stuffed animal version of this hard-shelled arachnid.