Smiski Toilet

Dreams USA

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Toilet Series Smiski are curious little creatures that love hiding in corners.  They stay hidden and their existence is a bit of a mystery.  The figures are approx. 2" tall and 1.5" wide (but they vary depending on poses).  There are 6 poses for each Series  + one Secret. Each Blind Box is randomly packaged so you won't know which kind you'll get until you open the box!    At night, they start to glow though nobody quite knows why....It's an adorable collectible your kids will love.  Or, an adult will find them whimsical as well since these particular Smiski reside in your bathroom!  Some people believe in angels, in fairies or elves. We're not here to judge. Give them a Smiski because it feels good to believe in something you see. Which one will you get?  It will be a surprise… Not recommended for children under the age of 3. 

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY by blind box - there is one figurine per box.

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