BAY Marshmallow Unicorn Mare


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Bayala Magical Creatures Collection

  • LOVINGLY HAND-PAINTED. A vibrant mane in pink, fuchsia, and aqua blue…creamy, pastel-colored pink coat with a marshmallow-y soft hue.
  • SPARKS OF STORYTELLING. What if a unicorn, a Pegasus, and an Arabian mare competed in a horse show? It's a story the Marshmallow Unicorn would like to hear! Where will YOUR story go?
  • A TWINKLE OF MAGIC. The gem-flecked Marshmallow Unicorn can toast bad guys and teleport anywhere with just a wink thanks to her gem-flecked horseshoe print.
  • COLLECTIBLE UNICORNS. One of three Marshmallow Unicorns from Schleich – collect 'em all!
  • UNICORN GIFTS FOR KIDS. Need a recipe for a perfect birthday? Scoop up a Marshmallow Unicorn, mix in a sprinkle of fairy dust, and enjoy!

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