BAY Collectible Unicorn - Opal


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Bayala Magical Creatures Collection

Hi, I'm Opal, one of seven gemstone-inspired collectible unicorns from schleich®. What do you think of my yellow braids and bushy tail? Collect me and the rest of my friends from schleich® BAYALA® and let's see what kind of magical stories we can weave together!

Why has the cute collectible Opal unicorn gotten all dressed up? There is a whole starry sky of glitter on the yellow contrasting legs and in the delicate yellow tail. The mane is also covered with glitter dust. All rounded off with the gorgeous braided tail and mane! It must be getting ready to meet up with the other crystal unicorns to gallop through BAYALA®. So that you can admire the pretty foal and its friends in peace, there is a great collectible poster for your bedroom.

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