PALM Tomas BLT 5”


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Palm Pals


 As nice as it is tasty it s Tomás BLT™ the refreshingly candid star of our Palm Pals™ plushie ensemble. Tailored to nestle perfectly within your palm Palm Pals redefine cuteness and Tomás takes it to a new level of authenticity. Renowned for pioneering the straightforward approach Tomás is a beacon of practicality by providing invaluable guidance to those closest. The BLT in his name doesn t just stand for what type of sandwich Tomás is it stands for Be Like Tomás an ode to fearless honesty that commands respect from even the most reluctant. Being the classic BLT sandwich Tomás proudly rocks delicious lettuce tomato and bacon throughout the sandwich making this plushie look as scrumptious as ever. Embrace the #palmpalsparty charm and candor of Tomás BLT and let his plush embrace remind you to savor life s truths one adorable bite at a time. Step into a world of charm charisma and cuteness with Palm Pals – the ultimate plush brand. These fun-sized characters are ready to be your new besties each boasting a quirky personality. With new characters regularly joining the Palm Pals party the fun never ends! Collect your favorites from animals to foods and watch your Palm Pals family grow. These wee-sized plushies are big on making new friends along with letting their diverse personalities shine when you collect them all. Join the Palm Pals party and let the festivities begin!

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