Taking Down the Dragon!

Posted by Allison Stewart on

With Little Steph working hard on our social media campaigns and internet presence, I asked Kirsten to make some fun photos this week.  Kirsten came up with this picture to show our Oh-So-Popular Good Luck Minis from Safari Ltd.  She had all the little guys taking down an Ice Dragon (also by Safari Ltd) in the Likeness of Gulliver's Travels  -  Good book.   I kinda reminds me that we all are tackling some sort of evil that is overwhelming to us.  However, when we work together, we can tie down even the mightiest of foes.  

On the business side, we have heard from the State of New Jersey.  Small "non-essentia"l retail businesses can resume in-person transactions beginning on or around June 15th.  I, and the rest of The Zoo Crew are looking forward to this day.  (Its like we - the Zoo Crew - are the Good Luck Minis and the retail Pandemic is the Gigantic Ice Dragon). 

I hope that those who are able, can please come back.  For those who are unsure, please stay home.  You can always phone in an order or order online for curbside pickup/local delivery.  We will continue to add items to our website daily for your convenience. 

I did hear that we are permitted to sell Crazy Aaron's hand sanitizer on our website, so i have added it to our front page.  It is made by a toy company outside of Philadelphia and is safe to use on both hands and surfaces.  It is available in gallon bottles only and priced at $49.99.  It's great for refilling smaller spray bottles for your house, car, garage, business, etc. 

As of now, due to the nature of our customers and touching in our store, (and until we hear differently from the State) we will be asking customers to spray their hands with the Crazy Aaron's hand sanitizer upon entering our store and touching any items (as well as wearing a mask).  So far, the sanitizer spray has been working quite well with our curbside customers.  No Problems.

I would just like to conclude with saying I feel quite blessed and fortunate even during these anxious times.   If only I were a better writer....  This blog would have been better...  Lol

Have the Best Day Ever!

- Allison